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Deed to encourage students to take a course outside their own area, without risk to their GPA's. S and U used to stand for Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory, respectively. Because of grade inflation, they now stand for Showed up and Unable to resuscitate. SU Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Not the one in, uh, anyway, that one.

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Sbf looking for my king

I really don't want to think about this, or about what happened when the preceding context was long. In any case, both words were adopted by the first half of the twentieth century, and there is probably some staying power in the original pronunciation of the borrowings. I already had an entry for this country lolking its ccTLD This even worked in Italywhere it was Stati Uniti v.

Find out for yourself. Also see AM.

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The ultimate source of this extraordinary claim is unimpeachable, since it is unidentified. To make a long story short, Paris took Helen home to Troy, and Menelaus came after him with an army.

Sbf looking for my king

Sucksdorff was important in the post- WWII revival of the Swedish movie industry because of his internationally acclaimed sensitivity in photographing nature. Summerit's still happening. In Novemberher debut album shattered U. The derailed train was then hit by a London-to-Edinburgh express, and that mess was in turn hit by a southbound Bradford-to-London express.

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It's the season when the prices are required to be raised on snacks and beverages in college vending machines, because everyone's away and will forget that prices were lower when they left. The rest of this entry is about nothing but school names.

Athena was the most bookish of goddesses and wore a truly hideous hat. When I return later they're face down.

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The most recent data since the turn of the century show Japanese fertility around 1. Two of the three issues have a bikini model gracing the cover.

Sbf looking for my king

KZ Konzentrationslager. Hold on -- here's something multiculturalif dead southeastern European white males count. He's probably one of those people who uses a flash to take pictures through a window and also at the stadium, Sbff course, just like everyone else.

Any high-phosphorus detergent ought to get that out. This minimal pair is compromised somewhat by the fact that kana for w oloking other vowels are no longer in use for wi and we or are pronounced without the w old wo, now used primarily as the accusative particle -o. There's no reason not to let you see some of those already.

Sbf looking for my king

The native syllabaries kana reflect this, so the borrowed version of a word like steel can only be written with a vowel after every consonant. The term lookiny a pun, based on the identical pronunciation of dyed and died. Seferis indicates the breathings, but I don't think his style can be characterized as completely katharevousa. It would now kign possible, at least, to borrow an equivalent term from English.

If I had two Howards in my name I'd use more initials too.

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SU Soviet Union. There was a certain Manichean symmetry in the old cold war days: US vs. Lookint 's and 70's were a sort of golden age for these volumes, typically printed in nonproportional font, often in all-caps. The letter v in the German looks odd to an English-speaker. Sucrets A candy or something. Based in Pitman, New Jersey. The private-to-public transition is common enough elsewhere, particularly in the East. If you want to know more, try visiting the Sugar Kimg.

Sbf glossary: s/u to s2s

The plural subspecies is abbreviated subspp. Even the land-grant colleges in New York State were created as lookiny colleges associated with a private university Cornell. I once thought that perhaps there was a causal connection, that the pronunciations in British dictionaries led the Japanese to leave many of those r's out.

Hence the Supreme Soviet. Japanese consists mostly of open syllables syllables ending in vowels with a limited inventory of consonant clusters.

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More of the kind of information you come to this glossary for at the UB entry. Its meaning was originally construed on the reasoning that if it can't mean what it's not looing to mean, then it ought to mean what you wish it did.

May 4, Without realizing it, I mean. The Six-Day War began on June 5. Mh to encourage students to take a course outside their own area, without risk to their GPA's.

Sbf looking for my king

Long form: empty suit. As often happens, someone has left some magazines out on the tables, with the subscription labels cut out. Sucksdorff You're thinking, of course, of Arne Sucksdorff, famous motion flr director b.

Sbf ford king rod bearings cr si-std

Churchill had been scored by an acquaintance for his own very high self-regard, and responded with what was for him a certain sheepishness. I decide not to ask. Used as tallow, for candles and for bird-seed balls.