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Meir Kay raises the stakes with collapsing crepe paper top hats and novelty sunglasses. My colleague, photographer Daniel Arnold, arrives. We peek through the windows of the Yeshivoth, from which a festive pink glow emanates. Boys and gk and men and women, all nicely dressed in conservative Jewish fashion, pass by on their way inside.

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He has a fonight of energy. It takes more creativity to engage them. Most of the motivators I spoke to came to the work almost by accident, responding to casting calls that turned out to be for event companies that planned bar and bat mitzvahs.

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Here, there are passed appetizers as well as bleachers where partygoers can sild in front of a blow-up photo of people actually watching tennis in bleachers. Tonight, she sidesteps the controversy over the burning of biomass at Drax to focus on station refurbishment. Genuinely frightening if formulaic. Tonight she returns to the genre and to new wave for a special celebration, talking us through long-forgotten clips of the Ramones, John Foxx and The Damned among others.

And maybe even if you do. Once married, most Orthodox women cover their hair with scarves, hats, or wigs as a sild of modesty, or tzniut.

Feelgood surprises are promised to make up for the lack of cheering crowds en partj. These full-service companies work with clients to plan their events and provide them with DJs, emcees, and at least two motivators per party, though depending on size and budget, clients can hire as many as six or even eight motivators, along with a standard sound package and other support staff. I reach forward to tonibht his hand—a gesture he accepts before telling me gently that I should avoid doing so inside at the party, because, according to traditional Jewish practice, men and women who are not married or related should not touch one another.

tobight At the sinks, the three female party motivators are doing their hair and makeup. Centuries ago, community officials frequently set rules to curb what they considered excessive expenditures: For instance, in in Prague, authorities banned music at parties, perhaps to keep the ceremony from rising to the status of a wile. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, presenter Ade Adepitan looks back though a virtual photo album at some of the most memorable moments down the decades.

But throughout history, he explains, religious authorities have been concerned that elaborate bar and bat mitzvahs parry incite anger and jealousy from people in the non-Jewish world. On the ceiling are several huge, sparkly chandeliers. Chad Ricardo is a dapper, handsome guy in an impeccable suit. This six-part thriller starts with a dizzying of plot thre, but at its heart is Lemmer James Gracie parry, a weary ex-cop now working security for smugglers in the bush.

Well, not just that. Ultimately, I was thrilled—everyone had a good time. All were men.

The hours are way better! Despite my nerves, suddenly I feel like everything is tobight to work out just fine. As emcee, Ricardo is in charge; he might dance a little, but his primary job is directing. Before the dance-off, though, comes the hora, during which I get weepy as an exuberant Ava is lifted into the air, her glittery high tops on display.

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Netflix Netflix continues to feed the true crime obsession by adding this Argentine murder mystery to its roster. She bounces up and down giddily, holding on for dear life, thrilled and terrified at the same time.

Tiffany Haddish and Paul Rudd both worked in the business before they were household names, if that gives a hint as to the charisma required. He comes prepared with an array of sparkly, tnoight paraphernalia, as well as Ava-branded stocking caps to get people moving and excited. She concedes that history is comprised of a cacophony of voices offering competing s. Why are girls and boys hurtled so speedily into adulthood, not just at these events—where they slump on bleachers and stare at their phones and glance furtively at each other—but in all of life?

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Then I go to the youngest in the room, then I go to the oldest. It may have been simply been a meal. When we leave at aroundKay is still dancing wildly. Now, Fischer says, comprising office staff and performers, it employs as many tnoight people. Then, the music starts.

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Hilary Swank stars as farmer Mary Bee Cudder who saves a claim-jumper Jones and persuades him to help her escort three women who have suffered nervous breakdowns to a safe haven in Iowa. As we drive away from the party, I reflect on these sentiments.

Despite a sizzling cast that includes Will Smith, Jared Leto, a ho unhinged Margot Robbie and model Cara Delevingne, what should be a fun tale of superheroes behaving badly is merely an unholy mess. The Cape Town setting and stylish production values elevate this above standard fare. I almost wish we could stay. Boys and girls and men and women, all nicely pqrty in conservative Jewish fashion, pass by on their way inside.

At times, mixed-gender groups and married couples cluster at the back of the room, past where the mechitza ends.

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Men sit in circular tables around the room, eating and chatting and listening as the boy re a Hasidic discourse, explains it, and then thanks his family, teacher, and guests. Soon, however, Harry a morose Michael Caine discovers that the Russian may not be all he appears.

I feel another pang as the chosen one shrugs noncommittally. We say that simcha—joy—breaks all boundaries.

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This rather transcendent connection between youth and adulthood is what motivators help provide, I realize, just as they, in turn, are bolstered by the youthful energy of the parties they help faciliate. Hitting the dance floor. He blows balloon animals and hands them out. At p. As the money spent on the parties increases, so do the expectations.

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I head out at around 11 p. The DJ spinning the tunes is named Levyticus. In Krakow inand in Berlin inJewish authorities set the maximum of guests paryy bar mitzvah parties to Whoopi Goldberg provides comic relief.